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My name is Sarah; I’ve set a significant personal goal—to build my wealth, advance my career, and provide stronger foundations for my family by improving my financial literacy.

This journey is not just for me; it’s about empowering women to create their own solid bases. My goal is simple and maybe a little bit terrifying, but it’s precisely the push I need to establish lasting stability.

At the age of 37, I’ve made a bold decision: to create 40K in wealth by the time I turn 40. This goal has multiple layers and is driven by many underlying factors. Starting from a less-than-desirable position with a large family and debt, I aim to transform my future and my family’s future.

I am by no means a financial expert, but I hope that sharing my story might assist other women in similar positions to find their way.

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Sarah is a Mother, an IT professional, and a student working towards a huge personal goal. Here Sarah shares their own transformative journey, challenges, and triumphs. Through engaging blog articles, Sarah delves into topics such as financial literacy, goal-setting, budgeting strategies, and overcoming obstacles. Join Sarah on this empowering adventure to unlock a brighter financial future. You can read more about Sarah here.


Blog Articles

Gain valuable insights, tips, and strategies as I share my experiences, challenges, and triumphs in creating financial stability.


A collection of downloadable templates that I have developed on the way to reaching my goal.


Glossary of terms and acronyms to help support your financial literacy.
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